Mud and Blood 3 0 1
Mud and Blood 3 is a strategy war game at Mud and Blood 3 is the incredible continuation of the famous Mud and Blood 2. The war is as yet seething in the Pacific and Europe and you should help your country to triumph.

You have a group of 6 officers and you should move them separately to take the target and take out the adversary troops and firearms. This game requires awesome procedure and you should move your troops with mind.

Make utilization of cover, for example, trees, shrubs, trenches, spiked metal and rough outcrops – this will shield you from approaching flame and decrease the harm you take.

As your units advance they pick up advancement – you can pick a progression of various classes to advance your units too, for example, a surgeon, expert marksman and designer – each class gives an alternate reward or capacity. Endeavor to utilize an adjusted arrangement of units that supplement each other. How far would you be able to advance on the front line? Would you be able to effectively attack Omaha shoreline?


Left click to select and move a unit

W/up or S/down or mouse scroll to move the camera's view