Moto Xtreme Construction Site

Moto Xtreme Construction Site 0 1
Moto Xtreme Construction Site is a bike game at Riding a motocross bicycle is a test notwithstanding for the most talented drivers. Have you at any point taken a stab at riding a motocross bicycle through a bustling construction site however? Most likely not! This takes scrambling to an unheard of level and exhibits some really troublesome difficulties. Moto Xtreme Construction Site gives you a chance to try out your soil bicycle abilities and work your way through various testing levels.

Utilize your brakes and increasing speed to move your motocross bicycle through the construction site. You should time your bounced right and abstain from tumbling off the braces and shafts. Each level exhibits an alternate scope of deterrents and on the off chance that you battle, you can simply restart from the earliest starting point.

The stationary stages are testing enough, however would you be able to ace the moving crane-lifted stages or will you tumble to the ground miles underneath you? Try Moto Xtreme Construction Site out and turn into a scrambling genius!

Controls :

AD or left/right arrow to accelerate and brake