Medieval Defense Z

Medieval Defense Z 0 1
Medieval Defense Z is a tower defense game at Medieval Defense Z puts an incredible curve on the customary tower defense games. Set in medieval circumstances, the need torment has developed into something shocking – now the dead are returning to life and assaulting the guiltless! Utilizing your tower, you should scour the land and wreck the undead. Your tower can be furnished with toxophilite. These toxophilite can be redesigned with the gold you procure. Update their capability, harm and speed. Besides, you can update the jackass that pulls your tower, and your relentless lord.

You're top dog can unleash obliterating forces, for example, a compel push and bolt rain. Pick your redesigns deliberately and discover an adjust of numbers and power. Amid each level you should crush the zombies and achieve the sheltered point at the desert garden. How are will you advance? Will you prevail with regards to achieving the stronghold and protecting the domain?


Left click to control the tower's movement, purchase upgrades and use your king's powers.