Maze Cartoon Labyrinth

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Maze Cartoon Labyrinth is a 3d game at Maze Cartoon Labyrinth is a fun 3D maze game in which you should control a lovable and charming cartoon figure through a progression of 3D mazes. Every maze is perplexing and on the off chance that you don't monitor your position or course you could undoubtedly get lost! To help there is an outline of the maze as a little smaller than normal guide - utilize this for direction.

To finish the maze you should achieve the teleportation entrance - this will transport you to the following level! Browse a wide range of characters and open new cool toons utilizing the mint pieces you gather from effectively finishing a maze. Characters incorporate a penguin, a bunny, a snowman and even an adorable monkey! Venture into the labyrinth today and check whether you can vanquish the maze!

Controls :

WASD to move

Esc to pause