Mafia Battle

Mafia Battle 3 2
Mafia Battle is a business management game at In Mafia Battle you can turn into the most regarded mafioso on the planet. Begin your own criminal domain, begin a family, and turn into the most dreaded of everybody. You can carry out wrongdoings and take part in illicit exercises to procure cash.

You can likewise collaborate with different players to explode a cash transport vehicle to gain some genuine money and experience! Purchase stuff with the cash you procure, for example, treasures, troops, hardware, clocks, shields, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

You likewise need to purchase ammo in the ammo industrial facility. Participate in shooting battles to ascend the positions. In the gambling club you can bet your cash and win prizes (or lose, obviously). Dispose of the police and join your companions as you battle against different families.