Lead Rain 5 7
Lead Rain is a action shooting game at k2t2.com. Lead Rain is an incredible first individual shooter game in which you should battle against match Mafia posses and attempt to pick up control of the roads. Travel through the city and search for various weapons to get, for example, blades, shotguns, machines firearms and guns. The foe Mafia land in waves and you should dispatch each wave before the following one arrives. Play Lead Rain unblocked.

When you have effectively finished a wave, you can utilize the money you have earned to buy new firearms and ammo - make sure to buy enough ammo as the provisions are restricted. Discover the marker for the following wave once you have re-provided and prepare to proceed with the battle! What number of waves would you be able to make due for? Would you be able to overcome your adversaries and reign as the most savage Mafia bunch in the city?

Controls :

WASD or arrow keys to move

Left click to shoot

Number keys to switch weapon

Space bar to jump

C to crouch

F to pick up item

G to open shop