Ku Blast Brawl

Ku Blast Brawl 3 2
Ku Blast Brawl is a shooting game at k2t2.com. Ku Blast Brawl is a fun shooter game with retro designs. You should control the amazing Ku warrior who is embraced a destructive mission to annihilate all fiendishness from the land.

Utilize your weapon to shoot the adversaries and pulverize them – you just have a restricted measure of ammo however so point precisely and save your shots. In the event that you come up short on ammunition, you can open ammunition cartons for a little lift.

To progress to the following level, you should gather each gold coin – make certain to look through each region of the level and leave nothing unturned. The gameplay is quick paced and you should shoot rapidly, continue bouncing and move around the level quick as well. Would you be able to protect the planet from malice and help our Ku Fighter obliterate humanities adversaries?

Controls :

Left and right arrow to move

Up arrow or C to jump

X to shoot