Knight of Magic

Knight of Magic 0 1
Knight of Magic is a defense game at Knight of Magic is a key protective game in which you should ward off wave after influx of beasts and magical animals. Your town is assaulted and as the boldest knight left standing it is your obligation to safeguard your loved ones and vanquish the ambushing beasts!

Your character assaults consequently however you should control your point with a specific end goal to effectively hit your adversaries. Continue moving and attempt to keep away from assaults - recollect that vanquished foes at times drop nourishment to reestablish your wellbeing.

Amid the fight you can likewise call your companions to help - every companion you summon has an alternate assault and delivers a varying sort of harm - utilize them shrewdly.

Toward the finish of each phase there is a troublesome supervisor that you should overcome - on the off chance that you come up short you can spend the diamonds you have gathered to buy overhauls, for example, expanded developments speed and assault control. Would you be able to shield your town and spare your companions?

Controls :

Use your mouse to move

123 button to use special attack