Idle Roller

Idle Roller 0 1
Idle Roller is a idle game at The point is basic – watch your monster ball move over the land and decimate structures. You can expand the speed at which your ball moves by tapping on it – the speedier you click, the more speed it develops.

As your ball moves over different shading houses, you gather mass and gold. Mass and gold can be spent on a scope of updates.

Mass redesigns incorporate speed, stickiness, shading combo and force. Gold updates incorporate Spawn Rate, Spawn Mass, Spawn Color and Mansions. Utilize your updates precisely and pick shrewdly!

As you advance you can likewise open Rollback updates – these redesigns give astounding rewards however are exorbitant! Set the ball moving today and smash your way through the city!


1. Left click to increase the ball speed and select upgrades.

2. Left click to upgrade and make the ball rolls faster.