Humanoid Space Race 2

Humanoid Space Race 2 0 1
Humanoid Space Race 2 is a monster game at Humanoid Space Race 2 is the awesome sequel to the popular original title. In this second instalment you have a whole new range of weapons and skills. You must control your character who is armed with a jetpack and a plasma rifle and work your way through a series of levels and destroy all the enemies in your way. You must use the space bar to maintain height, and use the left and right arrows to move backwards and forwards.

Watch out for power-up crates - these provide different weapons and health boosts. Don't forget to use your awesome shift ability which instantly defeats all enemies on the screen! At the end of each level you can increase your stats such as firepower and luck, and you can also change the game difficulty and look at your perks. Can you win the space race and prove your skill as a jetpack fighter?

Controls :

Left and right arrow to move

Up arrow to throw bomb

Space bar to blast up

Shift to use ultimate attack