Hotel Solitaire

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Hotel Solitaire is a card game at This fabulous solitaire amusement presents to all of you the enjoyment of the first yet with a hotel themed bend. The point is basic - work through the distinctive floors of the hotel and investigate the many rooms on each floor. Inside each room you can play an alternate sort of solitaire card diversion. Before you can advance to the following floor (there are 24 altogether), you should finish each of the rooms on the past floor first.

The designs of Hotel Solitaire are fresh and the music is entertaining. Besides, the diverse adaptations of solitaire you can play are truly captivating and will challenge your psyche. Amid recreations behind the blue entryways for instance, you can put cards that are one number above or underneath the objective card. Every entryway increments in trouble, and each floor introduces another influx of difficulties. Will you achieve the rooftop patio and overcome Hotel Solitaire?


Left click to remove the card from the stack.