Hostages: Rescue 5 1
Hostages: Rescue is a fun first person shooter game in which you have a simple mission of rescuing 10 hostages! Well, it might appear simple but you must use your skill, cunning and fighting skills to located the hostages and take out the armed guards that surround them! Play Hostages: Rescue unblocked.

Try and move stealthily and avoid taking any damage - if you get into a fierce fire fight, retreat to a safe distance and let your health regenerate. Move quickly and try to dispatch the guards as efficiently as you can! Use a variety of weapons at your disposal to eliminate all opposition - can you safely rescue the stranded hostages or will you meet your end at the hands of their captors?

Controls :

WASD or arrow keys or ZQSD to move

Left click to shoot

Right click to zoom

1 to 9 key to select a weapon

Shift to run

Alt to crouch

X to prone

E to pick up an item