HexAPuzzle 0 1
HexAPuzzle is a brain game at k2t2.com. HexAPuzzle is a cool and addictive confuse game. The gameplay is straightforward, yet the levels are testing and you will end up playing for a considerable length of time.

In each level you are given an example made up of individual 3D solid shapes. The point is to fill this example with gold and dark blocks of different shapes and sizes. Basically this game is an unpredictable variant of the exemplary baffle game Tetris.

A progression of various shape 3D squares look down the left hand side of your screen – you should drag these blocks into put on the focal example to top it off. You can pivot the solid shapes by clicking your correct mouse catch. Endeavor to utilize each piece and attempt to put a similar shading 3D shapes together for a point reward.

Be mindful so as not to give the left hand a chance to board top off with blocks else you will come up short the level. Beside turning the block arrangements, you can likewise utilize three unique lifts to enhance your odds of finishing the level. The hourglass reward for instance defers the speed at which the 3D square arrangements climb on the left hand side. Would you be able to beat the greater part of the levels and turn into the Hex ace?

Controls :

Drag left mouse button to move a shape

Right click while moving shape to rotate it