Hexa Turn 0 1
Hexa Turn is a logic game at k2t2.com. Hexa Turn is a cool and basic astound game in which you should hinder the triangle by setting hexagons on the playing field. Amid each level you are given a lattice brimming with dim hexagons - in the middle there is a dim triangle, and situated aimlessly focuses on the network are dull dim squares. You should stop the triangle achieving the dim squares by obstructing its way.

The triangle will endeavor to move towards a square - in the event that you put a hexagon before it, it will change its way and attempt to locate an option course. Attempt and think ahead and expect where the triangle will move - surround it and close off every single conceivable course to the squares.

Each level has a changing size and state of network, and a fluctuating number of squares and beginning stages. Would you be able to finish each level and effectively obstruct the triangle in Hexa Turn? On the off chance that you adore this sort of game, Circle the Cat is another awesome alternative.

Controls :

Left click to place a block