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Hero Trapper is a clicker game at k2t2.com. Hero Trapper is a fun sit without moving game with a dream setting. You should order a multitude of heroes and increment their expertise and power. When you have opened every hero, they will construct naturally. You can expand their level with gold which thus will decrease their assemble time. Units incorporate anything from an essential trooper to a wizard and a finesse rebel.

As you increment your hero's level, you can send them away on journeys. These missions will enhance their construct time and measurements. Moreover, you can build your general level to enhance your gold era.

The colossal thing about this game is that you can abandon it running. On the off chance that you have something to do, you can return a hour later and perceive how much gold you have produced. As you level up, you can in the long run pitch your organization to win the King's support!