GunDudes is a great stage game set in a modern world. You control two characters that live in this world and are endeavoring to make due from the robots that are attempting to dispose of them. Play GunDudes unblocked.

You should travel through the world and dispose of the robots as they approach and abstain from being shot and demolished. When you begin another game, the two characters are given an extraordinary weapon.

You control the two characters and every one shoots adversaries that show up on their individual side. Continue shooting and watch out for new weapon drops and catalysts to enhance your harm and survive.

You just have three lives in all out so buckle down and keep those weapons shooting! As you advance, the foes end up plainly harder to murder and will take an expanded measure of harm to demolish. Utilizing the cash you gain, you can buy moves up to enhance the quality and toughness of your two saints. Get your weapons and annihilation the robots today!

Controls :

Left click to shoot left

Right click to shoot right