Galaga: Special Edition

Galaga: Special Edition 0 1
Galaga: Special Edition is a arcade game at This is a special edition of the exemplary Galaga arcade game. An outsider race called the Galaxians has assaulted our dearest cosmic system. As the protector of the system, you should do what it takes to ensure humankind.

Fly your spaceship and prepare to confront the outsiders. Your spaceship assaults naturally and you have to alter your shots to have the capacity to decimate the adversaries. You can isolate a satellite to help you to assault in different headings, however doing as such will lessen one of your assault lasers.

Obliterate the foe's frail spot to trigger a tie blast and get the catalyst to make your laser weapon more grounded. Other than the principle crusade, the game likewise includes different test modes. Can you effectively shield the system?

Controls :

Use WASD or arrow keys or drag the left mouse button on the spaceship to move

Space bar to detach and reattach a satellite