Driving Force 4 0 1
Driving Force 4 is a action car game at k2t2.com. The excite of fast pursue is back in Driving Force 4. Pursue down culprits in your reasonable squad car.

The culprits are getting more unsafe so this time your auto is equipped with an automatic rifle.

The employment of a cop is an extreme and 24 hours work, particularly when culprits are still free to move around at will. Go up against a wide range of mission and fight against the forces of malevolence. Abstain from colliding with native autos and abstain from approaching shoot by offenders.

Components 3 urban areas, each with its own arrangement of missions. You have to finish a few missions to open different urban communities. The missions are differing and extend from a preparation day to a helicopter fight. Every one of them will get your adrenaline step up! Attempt to finish every one of the missions and open new elements!

Controls :

– AD or left/right arrow to move left and right

– W or up arrow to use nitro

– S to turn on and off the siren

– Spacebar to shoot

– R to reload

– 123 to change the siren’s sound