Cube of Zombies 0 1
Cube of Zombies is a gun shooting zombie game at Cube of Zombies is an exceptional and sensible 3D first individual shooter game in which you should battle against swarms of the undead. Play Cube of Zombies unblocked.

You are a voyager and you are stranded in a betrayed city. Sadly for you, you are not the only one! You get yourself encompassed by substance eating zombies and you should utilize whatever you can discover to secure yourself and survive.

The zombies touch base in waves and to begin with you are outfitted with a gun. Point deliberately and attempt to bring them down as fast as could be allowed. All through the town you can discover different weapons, for example, automatic weapons and even rocket launchers.

These new weapons will enable you to make due as the influxes of zombies increment and turn out to be more hard to murder. A few zombies are moderate moving, yet there are exceptional sprinter zombies too that have low wellbeing yet move rapidly. Locate a decent position, keep an assortment of weapons prepared and annihilate the undead masses!

Controls :

WASD or ZQSD or arrow keys to move

Left click to shoot

Right click to zoom

Number buttons to select a weapon

Shift to run

R to reload

E to use item

Space bar to jump