Crypt Shyfter: Frostfall

Crypt Shyfter: Frostfall 0 1
Crypt Shyfter: Frostfall is a story game at Crypt Shyfter: Frostfall is a story RPG that happens in the Crypt Shyfter world. There is an insane mysterious snow squall amidst a hot summer.

You are summoned by the mythical people to move to the highest point of Solistice Peak and murder The Frozen King to end the fiasco... Mess around with this experience game with engaging discoursed!

Before beginning your experience, you have to pick one from 3 accessible classes, an exceptional thing, and gear. The development of the story is dictated by your activities and decisions; dependably be set up for the unforeseen.

You can recuperate yourself by drinking a mixture of eating the pizza that you brought. Would you be able to make it to the top and kill The Frozen King for the last time?

Controls :

Left click to choose an option.