Crazy Pig Simulator

Crazy Pig Simulator 3 2
Crazy Pig Simulator is a arcade game at Run, bounce, devastate, fly, swim, battle in new Crazy Pig Simulator!

Super clever pig recreation game. Tweak your pig anyway you need him to show up.

The pig chose to escape from the homestead and begin another life in the city.

An old companion encourages the pig to settle in another place.

He discusses the best thing in the city is to break all that you see !!!


✅ Set up a wreck. Break autos. Obliterate the blocky city. Assault individuals

✅ Fly over the blocky city on a pig stream pack

✅ Crazy missions.

✅ Huge blocky city to investigate

✅ Customize pig as you like. Pick skin, tusks, nose parameters.

✅ Destructible articles.

✅ Cool 3D low poly designs.

✅ Upgrade pig! You can update life focuses, speed of a pig, number of focuses granted, flight time for jetpack.

✅ Get a combo while devastating a few items. The more demolition, the more focuses!

✅ Get free rewards each hour

✅ Collect the mint pieces, they will be helpful to you

✅ Find stream packs scattered around the city

Controls :

WASD or arrows, space, enter, left mouse button