Cows vs Kings

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Cows vs Kings is a strategy game at Cows vs Kings is a wonderful pinnacle resistance game in which you should enable the Vikings to shield their country against a swarm of underhandedness attacking cows! You should work your way through different distinctive levels over the land and push back the bovine trespassers utilizing your towers. Play Cows vs Kings unblocked.

You can browse a scope of various towers, for example, an arrow based weaponry tower, a wizards tower and a smoke tower. Each pinnacle exceeds expectations against an alternate sort of bovine and can be updated as well. Place your towers deliberately and utilize a blend of various safeguards to ward off the cows - don't just pick one sort of tower and expectation it will do the trick! As you advance you can open new towers and capacities yet be careful as your adversaries turn out to be all the more tricky and hazardous as well! Would you be able to fend off the cows and shield the Viking kingdom?

Controls :

Use left mouse button to play.