Cow Defender 0 1
Cow Defender is a gun shooting game at Cow Defender is an amazing 3D third individual driving and shooting game with a one of a kind wind. Rather than hustling or doing combating against different players in a field, you should jump in your vehicle and spare your cows from the shrewd outsider trespassers! Outsiders are assaulting your town and kidnapping the cows! You should gather the cows and take them to the wellbeing of the airplane terminal where they can be taken off. Play Cow Defender unblocked.

Your truck is outfitted with a gun and you can utilize this gun to demolish the outsiders. Drive around the town, capture the outsiders and spare however many cows as could be allowed! As you spare more cows and decimate outsiders, you can buy more land – up to 30 sections of land! What number of charming cows would you be able to spare? Stop the outsiders today and ensure your animals!

Controls :

WASD or arrow keys to drive

Left click to shoot

Shift to boost speed

Space bar to jump