Colossorama 0 1
Colossorama is a battle game at Go up against the part of a warrior and battle foes in Colossorama, a combatant game with fights amongst life and demise! The foes are coming at you wave by wave and from both sides. You have to kill every one of them. After you do as such, you can get 1 new weapon or thing; you can just convey 2 weapons and 1 thing to each fight. The quantity of adversaries is expanding with each new wave, so try to outfit yourself with the best weapons. The game components 2 game modes with the gameplay yet with various weapon alternatives and adversaries. You just have one shot in fight and there is no proceed with choice. Could you turn into the mightiest combatant alive? Demonstrate it in Colossorama!

Tip: A weapon with a status impact or a weapon that can life take are the best alternatives.


AD or left/right arrow keys to move

W or space bar to jump

E to use an item

Use your mouse to change the attack direction and press left mouse button to attack