ColorGama 0 1
ColorGama is a board game at ColorGama is a testing riddle game in which you should recognize the right hued square – this may appear to be simple however it is very troublesome and you should think an extraordinary arrangement.

You just have a specific time utmost to finish each confound and in the event that you figure erroneously the time diminishes at a snappier rate. The difficulties begin off generally simple however turn out to be continuously harder and more perplexing.

Amid the underlying difficulties you just need to recognize the right shading from four distinct squares for instance, while in the later difficulties you may need to distinguish the right shading in 20 squares.

There are a few unique sorts of test including distinguish the right shading, recognize the lightest shading, and distinguish the darkest shading. The bed spread is very restricted and it turns out to be progressively hard to separate between the shades of shading. What high score would you be able to enroll? Are your eyes up to the test?

Controls :

Left click to choose a tile.