Christmas Pong

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Christmas Pong is a puzzle game at Christmas Pong is precisely as you would expect - the exemplary pong game yet with a marvelous and bubbly Christmas topic! You can play both singleplayer or multiplayer game modes - challenge the AI rival or play with your loved ones of every a split screen double control fight! The controls are basic - utilize the all over bolt keys to move your oar.

Amid each game, the primary player to score three objectives wins! Your oar is really a sweet stick, jingle chimes is playing out of sight, and there is snow on the playing field! Make sure to edge your shots to attempt and send the ball taking off the sides to sidestep your rivals paddle. Would you be able to rule as the champion of Christmas Pong?

Single player controls :

Up and down arrow to move the candy cane.

Two players controls :

For player 1, use W and S to move the candy cane

For player 2, use up and down arrow to control the candy cane