Checkers Online

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Checkers Online is a chess game at Checkers Online enables players to contend in the great tabletop game of checkers with a huge number of other individuals over the globe. Enter the online entryway and either join a current game or make your own particular game and sit tight for somebody to join. When you have joined a game you can begin playing! You can likewise watch different games in advance.

The tenets of the game are straightforward and take after the great checkers rules - you should move your pieces no matter how you look at it and endeavor to "take" the adversaries pieces by bouncing over them. Unless your piece is a lord, you can just move advances. On the off chance that you can't locate an online adversary, you can simply play against a PC controlled player until the point when somebody joins your game! Would you be able to wind up noticeably a checkers champion and run this online game?

Controls :

Left click to choose a piece and move.