Boomerang Sports

Boomerang Sports 3 2
Boomerang Sports is a sports game at Boomerang Sports permits you take control of your most loved Cartoon Network characters including Tom and Jerry, Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny and Shaggy and Scooby. You should contend in different donning occasions to be delegated the champion; these sports incorporate b-ball, water pogo and doughnut watercraft hustling.

Ball enables you to shoot your characters in an extensive rise into the loop. Water pogo enables you to attempt and bob over a progression of water skims on a pogo stick. Doughnut watercraft dashing enables you to control a speedboat while hauling one of your characters behind on a doughnut!

The games are fun and you can utilize the diverse characters or replay the levels to attempt and pick up the most extreme measure of stars. Would you be able to wind up noticeably the Boomerang sports champion?

Donut boat controls

Left and right arrow to steer.

Basketball controls

Pull back on your character with left mouse button to aim and release to shoot.

Pogo jumping controls

Hold space bar to charge and release to jump.