Bombsgameio 0 1 is a new .io game at Join new io multiplayer game -! Wade through walls, plant bombs and blow up as many bricks as it’s possible. Collect points and power-ups, but step carefully - your enemies can blow you up! Play unblocked.

How to Play :

In you have 3 characters to select, each of them uses various skills: Footballer

less bombs to blow up, but faster than opponents and most difficult to kill!

Radio amateur :

Plant bomb after bomb and surprise enemies! He uses most destructive weapon of all players.

Athlete :

For players, who don’t like barriers - that character can jump over the walls! What is more, his bombs are strong enough to reach opponents standing further.

Look out for power-ups, they may be useful with so many opponents! During playing you can find powers, which make you:

go through walls

cause more injuries

kill just by touching Strategy :

Battle face to face or using far-reaching weapon? Faster or stronger? Choose your own style of fighting!