Bite My Fingers

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Bite My Fingers is a mouse game at Have you at any point needed to have your fingers sharp by terrifying looking beasts? Perhaps not… . In any case, Bit My Fingers enables you! This fun game enables you to dice with death (or if nothing else finger removal) and test your reflex aptitudes against a scope of various creatures.

The point is straightforward – abstain from having your finger gnawed off by the creatures, however abandon it there sufficiently long to procure focuses!

Amid each level, you just have three lives so remain alarm! You should keep your finger (mouse) in the middle of the creature's mouth and after that evacuate it just before it cinches down and removes a lump from your hand!

Each time you are effective you pick up stars and focuses. These focuses can be utilized to open diverse beasts and a scope of fun finger models! Would you be able to effectively sidestep the creatures and keep your fingers in place?.

Controls :

Hold left mouse button to place your finger, release to remove.