Bazooka and Monster

Bazooka and Monster 0 1
Bazooka and Monster is a shooting game at Bazooka and Monster is a fun stage game that depends on material science and shooting. You control a wilderness warrior who is furnished with a tremendous bazooka - utilizing your bazooka you should obliterate the assaulting monsters!

Every monster is situated on an alternate stage in the level and you should point precisely to hit them. A few monsters are covered up and you should ricochet your rockets off of metal hindrances.

Different monsters are sat on moving stages and you should time your shots precisely to score a hit. At last, on different levels, the metal stages move additionally so you should locate the correct point to ricochet your rockets, yet in addition time your shot right when the stage is in the correct position!

Each level introduces another test and as you advance so does the trouble. Would you be able to finish every one of the 18 levels and get 3 stars on each?

Controls :

Left click to shoot.