Basket Monsterz

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Basket Monsterz is a sports game at Basket Monsterz is a magnificent basketball shooting game with fun toon beast characters! You can play as an extensive variety of beasts including Satan and Bigfoot!

You should play in a basketball competition and work your way through each phase by playing 1on1 matches against different beasts. Amid each match you should endeavor to score whatever number baskets as would be prudent in the dispensed time.

Utilize your mouse to point your shot, produce control and make the right shooting curve. When you have arranged your shot you should tap the left mouse catch to discharge it! For each basket you score, you increase one point – the victor is the first to achieve 11 focuses. As you win matches you gather stars – you can utilize these stars to buy new beast characters! Would you be able to sharpen your basketball aptitudes and win the beast competition?


Move your mouse to aim, left click to shoot.