Badass Quest 0 1
Badass Quest is a point and click game at Badass Quest is a criminal game that lets you uninhibitedly pick a genuine city to play in! In the game, you control Donald Trump and you should help him to vanquish the whole city or even the whole nation!

When you move around, your stamina step by step diminishes (despite the fact that Trump himself cases to have unending stamina...). You can recapture a bit of your stamina by going by eateries and pay them for the nourishment. Or, on the other hand, in genuine criminal style, you can simply flee without paying... On the off chance that you come up short on , you can go to the specialist to reestablish it.

Ransack retail locations or banks for money and flee from the cops; the higher your level the quicker your run. You can blackmail organizations like retail and eatery, and on the off chance that they decline to pay you cash, you have to show them a lesson by overcoming them in a battling small game. Another less threatening choice is purchasing the business, however that can cost you a considerable amount of cash. Possessed business step by step begin to gain you cash. Do different quests that once in a while show up as you play the game to win more cash. Will you enable Donald To trump to wind up noticeably a genuine Badass?


Left click to play.