Astro Sheriff 0 1
Astro Sheriff is a gun shooting game at Astro Sheriff is a fun and energizing stage shooter game in which you should control Sheriff Wayne Milky and enable him to find the wellspring of the trouble motion from a neighboring planet. Play Astro Sheriff unblocked.

Wayne is outfitted with a pistol and through each level you should control his developments, gather coins and pulverize every one of the outsiders. The gameplay is smooth however you should keep an eye out for your reload times and attempt to not get got amidst a firefight with no projectiles.

Utilizing the mint pieces you gather you can buy new weapons and rigging, for example, a strike rifle, another protective cap and even a gas cover. In addition, utilizing the sheriff identifications you pick up for finishing levels you can overhaul Wayne's energy, wellbeing, uncommon assault and speed.

As you experience new outsiders, they are put in your list – you can take a gander at the outsiders profile in your program and see all the distinctive sorts you have battled. Would you be able to protect the planet and spare those in trouble?

Controls :

Use your mouse to move

Left click to shoot

R to reload

Space bar to unleash special attacks