Aquacreep is a point and click game at Aquacreep is a game of examination and riddle and is conveyed to you by similar engineers who made Astrocreep. In this portion you are controlling the principle character Dean - he is an individual from a group of ocean examiners.

A tempest is moving toward your base, and you wake up one night to hear shouts - a shapeshifter has taken control of one of your colleagues! Utilizing your researching abilities you should illuminate the secret and annihilation the shape shifter.

Utilize the WASD controls to move Dean through the dock and into the diverse structures - in each building you can cooperate with an assortment of articles and different characters to discover pieces of information. With restricted assets you should be intensive and cautious - who would you be able to trust?

Who would you be able to swing to for offer assistance? When you have gotten your weapon, make sure not to shoot uncontrollably - you could wind up executing the wrong individual! Would you be able to fathom the puzzle of the shape shifter and secure your base?

Controls :

WASD to swim

AD to walk

S to talk

W to interact with object

Left click to shoot

Shift to switch weapon